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All of our digital marketing courses are accredited by the CPD Standards Office.


What is CPD?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the practice of undertaking bite size pieces of learning to build skills, knowledge, information or behaviours. It helps individuals keep their knowledge and skills up to date while also ensuring that the professional standard of their qualifications is maintained.

CPD is generally expected of most individual professionals in most sectors and increasingly, employers expect their staff to undertake CPD.

How we achieved our accreditation with the CPD Standards Office

To achieve the accreditation we underwent a rigorous assessment process that focuses on the development and delivery of our training including our educational authority, how we collect and utilise our delegate feedback, and ensuring our content is kept up to date.

We are committed to working hard to maintain, and exceed, the excellent standard we have set.


What this accreditation means for our students

By successfully completing one of our digital marketing courses our students are contributing to their CPD by keeping their knowledge and skills up to date. They are ensuring that the professional standard of their qualification and registrations are being maintained. CPD is beneficial for career progression and advancement. It also helps to build confidence and credibility in the workplace, gives the opportunity to showcase achievements and provides the tools to cope positively with change.

Graduates of our digital marketing courses will automatically be issued with a CPD Standards Office Certificate and Learning Tool which states the number of CPD hours achieved.


What this accreditation means for your employer

The primary benefit of CPD to employers is that it ensures standards across the company are high and consistent. CPD also promotes greater work engagement from the workforce and general commitment to job roles. Having employees undertake CPD allows for sharing of best practice and support, maximising staff potential, improving staff moral and providing a benchmark for annual appraisals.


About the CPD Standards Office

The Professional Development Consortium is home to the CPD Standards Office, the CPD Research Project and the Provider of Training Excellence. Their wealth of knowledge and research within the Learning and Development Industry and their team of industry professionals on the Expert Advisory Board are a few of the reasons that contribute to detailed and rigorous assessment processes they have in place.


Find out more about the CPD Standards Office on their website. View our full range of courses here.


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Written by: Lucy Anderson

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