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You can spend hours planning, drafting and publishing an article on your blog or a report on your website. In an ideal world, the content would reach every member of your target audience, but of course, content marketing isn’t that easy. In fact, the lifecycle of your content piece shouldn't end after it has been published.


Publish, Promote, Amplify

First, a content marketer will promote the content by sharing it either organically or with paid advertising on social media, email marketing, third party websites and display networks. Next, the reach of your content should be “amplified” to maximise its impact.

One effective, proven way to amplify your content is to repurpose it. You can create a leaner content marketing strategy by effectively repurposing and repackaging your content in the following ways:


1. Quote / statistics graphics

Short, snappy quote and stats graphics are highly shareable and easily consumable pieces of content, especially on platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Review your content piece and analyze opportunities to pull out quotes which are motivational or thought provoking or stats which are alarming or intriguing.

Although these graphics only represent a fragment of the overall content piece, they can be attention grabbing and direct your target audience to the full piece. They will also support the perception among your target customers that your business is an industry thought leader.


2. Create a SlideShare

Since acquired by LinkedIn, SlideShare is becoming a powerful content resource with 80 million visitors per month. Any piece of content can be repurposed into a SlideShare. For example, the core content of blog posts and articles can be broken down into slides and key takeaways and stats from webinars, ebooks, whitepapers and reports can be collated and created as a SlideShare presentation. Remember to include a link to the full original content piece alongside your SlideShare to drive traffic back to your website.


3. Create an ebook

An ebook can be easily created and does not have to be a large content piece. Shorter 4-5 page ebooks can often deliver just as much value as a larger report and can easily be put together using content already published on your website. An ebook is a great content piece that a reader can take away and consume at their own leisure.

Consider your currently published articles and assess which 3-4 pieces can be repurposed as an ebook. The articles should be related and the ebook focused on a specific topic or knowledge area.


4. Create an infographic

An infographic is a piece of content that is highly sharable on social media and a strong earner of backlinks to your website. Infographics burst onto the scene in 2008 and were a staple piece of content for many years, with incredible viral capabilities. While infographics have decreased in popularity, it is important to realise that they are still considered a highly valuable element of any content marketing strategy.

Your infographic does not have to be completely stat based, simply pull some tips and facts from your article and present them alongside an interesting statistic or two.


5. Video content

Video is the most thoroughly consumed form of content and should feature in every business content strategy. Repurposing an ebook, blog post or infographic into video content is a lot easier than you might think. It can form the topic of a live video Q&A on social media or YouTube, a video tutorial or an animated step-by-step video guide, depending on the skills and resources available at your disposal.

Amplifying means taking a step up to increase, intensify and magnify your content. It will allow you to expand your reach significantly and will help to deliver maximum performance for your content marketing. Let us know how you repurpose and amplify your content.


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Written by: Yvonne Deegan

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